Hybrid Energy Systems

Hybrid Energy Systems

A combined inverter charger, merges the solar charge controller and inverter. Basically, it includes both the AC to DC and DC to AC conversion. The combination is normally cheaper and efficient.

A combined charger inverter not only offers smart working modes but also switches between the available sources such as the sun, the battery and an external AC power source. This makes sure that you are getting the most of the available energy.

The capability of working with external AC sources is a plus. For instance, it can automatically wake an external power generator up, to charge the batteries or provide power for consumers.

Combined inverter chargers are recommended for commercial and back-up solar power applications. They also have a wide range of applications for power back-up systems (such as UPS).

The capacity of the inverter and the charge controller determines the power rating of these devices. EPEVER manufactures Hybrid inverters chargers of up to 5KW.

EPEVER’s combined inverter chargers come with a LCD display, so that you can monitor all of the parameters of your off-grid solar system.

Using the Modbus communication, one can access live system parameters on any monitoring device. We also offer cloud monitoring, so one can log the data, and access it from anywhere, at any time.

Check the two videos (Video1 and Video2) on our YouTube channel for a clear instruction about these devices.

Hybrid Energy Systems

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