Solar street system

Solar street system

One of the main challenges in providing light for any location is wiring. Long wiring distances not only increase the cost but also wastes electrical energy. Besides, the installation is complex, and severe safety risks are involved.

With the emergence of solar off-grid technology, standalone lighting systems, gradually won the market against traditional power distribution networks for lighting.

In certain regions, using a stand-alone solar system is a must. Imagine a remote area without grid power, or a place where laying cables is economically expensive/insufficient. There a high-quality reliable off-grid lighting system would be required, to decrease the installation/ maintenance costs.

EPEVER offers lighting controls systems, that combine a PWM / MPPT solar charge controlling algorithm, with LED constant current driver option. This brings the opportunity to perform multiple light control modes.

These controllers are configured based on individual users’ requirements. Almost every parameter in an off-grid stand-alone lighting system is configurable via the mobile app or the PC software. In addition, different types of batteries are supported to increase the compatibility of these units.

Applying Wireless communication and IoT technology makes it possible to remotely monitor, control, log the data and troubleshoot the system.

The high ingress protection levels applied, makes EPEVER solar light controllers an ideal choice for outdoor and harsh environments.

Solar street system

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